Breaking News....

- 400 m2 dancefloor

- best dancesport Dj's

- Pro lighting on the floor

- Pro sound system all around

- Great atmosphere

- Shopping area in the hall


- Brand new location

- Large dressingrooms

- Free parking

- Excellent hotels nearby

DDSF partner hotel

Venue / Location:  

De Trefkoele plus

Ruigedoornstraat 108 / 7721 BR / Dalfsen / The Netherlands



Special DDSF hotel offer:


Single Room: € 60,- per room per night.

Double Room: € 75,- per room per night.


Breakfast: € 15,- per person.

Dutch Dance Sport Festival 

25 & 26 February 2017

Dutch Dance Sport Festival

25 & 26 february 2017


Welcome to the Dutch Dance Sport Festival....


Dutch Dance Sport Festival is a brand new WDSF dance festival in the Netherlands in one of the best settings you can imagine. Check out our site for more information. For further questions you can contact us at:


We wish you a pleasant journey to Dalfsen.

Competition Entry before 18th of February



WDSF Open Adult latin

WDSF Open Senior I std.

WDSF Open Senior III std


NADB Open under 21 latin

NADB Open PD std.

NADB Open Senior I & II latin

NADB Open Senior I std, Deb.  A, B kl.

NADB Senior II std, A, B kl.

NADB Senior III std., A kl





WDSF Open Adult std.

WDSF Open Senior II std.

WDSF Open Senior IV std.


NADB Open under 21 std.

NADB Open PD  Latin

NADB Open Debutanten 1 - 4

NADB  Adults C - B - A Std.

NADB  Adults B - A latin



Timetables are available !!